Our Town is an Orchard

Join us in creating a better local food legacy for our town

Our Town is an Orchard supports and encourages the planting of as many fruit trees as possible across Hastings and St Leonards.

Our launch survey revealed that three quarters of the Town Grown network is growing food at home, in their own gardens.

Inspired by this insight and the positive impact fruit trees can have on our own health and that of native ecosystems, we have focussed our attention on boosting our town’s collective orchard.

If you have ever wanted to plant a fruit tree in your garden but are not sure where to start, this campaign is for you.

We have produced this guide to help you choose the perfect variety for your space, plant and care for your tree throughout the year, as well as advice for getting the best out of existing trees.

You can also see and be a part of the map of new fruit trees planted across Hastings and St Leonards to show how our town’s orchard is growing.

From 21st September 2022 to 21st March 2023, 149 fruit trees were planted in our area. This included 66 apples, 32 plums or gages, 23 pears, 11 cherries as well as figs, quinces, peaches, apricots and citrus, A food resource that will resound for generations.

We will continue to build on this map, so if you have planted a fruit tree, do record it using the form below.

We are also celebrating a very special dispersed orchard of Sussex Apple varieties, planted across the borough – made possible with funding from Transition Together.

apple blossom

Today’s flowers are tomorrow’s fruit