Thanks to all who attended the launch event – but this is just the beginning of a brewtiful relationship!

Eleven hop plants were given away, but anyone who is growing a hop can contribute their harvest to brewing a ‘beer from here’. If you don’t have a hop but have the space to plant one, then plant one!

Simple hop care:

  • They need a good, deep soil
  • train vertically as high as possible – though make sure you have a way to get the hops down
  • when the new growth is 1 ft high, choose 1-2 strong shoots and trim the rest
  • as shoots grow, prune off lateral growth (shoots growing from the side)
  • they will need lots of water when newly planted, and in any dry spells
  • in September, wait for the flowers to open – the buds will be sticky and aromatic
  • dry flowers immediately

Hastings Hop Club is a brand new initiative to promote hop growing around the town that will be ultimately be used to produce a very special batch of local beer by The Brewing Brothers.

Watch this space for more info or contact us to get involved

Hastings Hop Club is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund via the Transition Together Seed Funding initiative.